Monday, May 21, 2007

Rule boy

I sometimes refer to Joseph as "Rule Boy". He doesn't know how to not follow the rules. I mean, he sometimes doesn't follow the rules but he doesn't know how to get away with it. The kid cannot lie. I don't mean he's a bad liar, I mean he cannot lie. Give him long enough and he'll tell me everything even if he doesn't want to.

For example, this past weekend Jesse took Joseph to go and help his dad with some stuff. Joseph told me that while they were there he watched two "fighting shows" on tv. (Fighting shows are anything with any kind of fighting or battles in them. We don't let Joseph watch them because they get him too wound up.) He told me he watched Teen Titans and Pokemon. Now he didn't have to tell me about this and I hadn't asked about it. But all of the sudden out of the blue today he tells me that he watched two fighting shows. I asked him if he told grandma that he wasn't allowed to watch those shows and he said "Well, I wanted to but then J-----* wanted to watch them and he said something and I forgot to say anything. Then I got kind of carried away and I watched them and I thought maybe they were ok shows for me to watch."

See, he just can't stop himself from sharing all the details with me. He's too honest. That's why today after school he told me about his plan to get me to buy a Pokemon gift basket that the PTA was raffling off. "I thought maybe I could ask you to buy it for me but I knew that you didn't want me to have fighting show toys so I knew you would say no. So then I decided maybe I would cry and scream really loud until you got tired of it and bought me what I wanted."

Um, Joseph? That's the sort of plan that kind of loses it's effectivness once you share the details with other people. That's Rule Boy for you though.

* J----- is Jesse's Dad's wifes' son's son. Confused?


Shauna said...

That's neat that he shares so much with you! Good job, mama!

Judy said...

Jen, I'm always confused. But I think that would make Joseph and J______ step cousins.... whatever that means!!! Joseph is so darling...I think it is sweet the way he shares everything with you! Love to all of you... Grandma Judy