Tuesday, May 15, 2007

My attempt at being upbeat

Hey! It's gonna be a great day! Yeah!

Look, I tried ok?

No, I am feeling pretty ok right now. I'm going to make three phone calls today regarding the ultrasound stuff. One to the clinic to find out if the order was resent, one to the RE's office to update them on the ultrasound status and on to my agency to update them on the previous two calls. After that it's going to be out of my hands. There's not too much I can do beyond that I think. I can only do what I can do and after that I have to let other people get their part done.

I actualy got a call yesterday from my agency about something totally unrelated to any of this. Turns out they have a new surrogate in Minnesota who wanted to talk to another MN surrogate and see what the process is like and what kind of a job the agency does. They asked if I would be willing to talk to her. Honestly, I was a little flattered that they asked. So I'm going to call this woman today and hopefully I can answer whatever questions she might have. So far I've been really pleased with my agency so I don't mind giving putting in a good word for them.

On another topic all together, yesterday when I was picking Joseph up from school I ran into the district's autism expert. She checks in with Joseph once in a while and every time I see her she has some funny story to tell me abut something Joseph said or did. Yesterday she told me that she had been working with him on making a little reminder card that he could put on his desk reminding him to hold his pencil the right way when he rights. She asked him if he had a favorite cartoon character that she could put a picture of on the card. He said "Well, my mommy is realy my hero but she doesn't like getting her picture taken so I guess Scooby Doo is good too."

See? I told you he's a sweetie.


Judy said...

It's so nice to know that Scooby Doo ranks after you!! Joseph is wonderful!! Hang in there with the surrogacy stuff.... it will get worked out..... Glad that you are just about done with the BC pills. Be easy on yourself! Judy

EE said...

LOL...at my house, it's probably the exact opposite!