Saturday, May 19, 2007

What I know so far

Not much. I won't really know much until Monday when we find out what the other blood test results are. What I've been told is that most likely we'll just have to move everything back a couple of days. I won't start my meds tomorrow though. I've never been so sad over not being able to have a shot before.

In the meantime I just need to keep my fingers crossed that I get my period. I feel crampy and crabby and achy but at this point it's all much ado about nothing. I feel silly asking people to pray for me to get my period but you know ....... if you have an extra good thought laying around maybe you could send it my way. I really, really want this to work out.


Maria said...

Well, I've never prayed for anyone to GET their period either (except for my best friend in college who was terrified that she was pregnant..

So...consider some prayers for blood coming your way....

nell said...

You got it - good thoughts transmitting via airwaves... now.