Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Click em while they're down

I was looking through my flickr account and it occured to me that I have about 3 times as many pictures of Elle as I do of Joseph. How sad is that? It looks like I like Elle a lot more than I like Joseph. Here's the thing though. Joseph does not like having his picture taken. No matter what he's doing, if he sees me going for the camera he starts flopping around and he hides his face or he runs away or any of the 8 million other things that he can think of to keep me from getting a picture of him. So I have to be creative. I take pictures when he's not looking (I have so many pics of the back of his head). I take pictures when he's sleeping. I take pictures when he's knocked out on the couch with a bronchial infection and a fever of 101.

By the way, he was able to make his school play where he acted the hell out of his part as Billygoat Gruff #3. More on that later.

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