Saturday, June 02, 2007


Everyone has something that they're really good at. A talent. My talent just happens to be building up my uterine lining. I got the following phone call yesterday:
Nurse at RE's office: We got the results of your ultrascan and your lining is 11 something something something medical jargon.
Me: Um..... Is that good?
Nurse: (chuckles) Yeah, we like surrogates to be an 8 before transfer so 11 is fantastic.
Me: Oh, good! (At this point I was doing my best to be calm but if anyone had looked in my windows at that exact moment they would have seen my quietly but furiously "raising the roof".)
Nurse: Yes, it all looks good. We'll be seeing you on the 7th.

Yep, I pretty much rock. I also got some other good news yesterday. I will be able to fly out of my local airport and not make the 2 hour drive to the Minneapolis airport like I had to do the last 2 times I flew out to LA. After my quick flight to Minneapolis I'll have a direct to LA. That will be nice. I don't mind flying but I hate layovers and connections.

When I am in LA I'll be staying at the senic Beverly Hilton located in senic Beverly Hills on senic Wilshire Blvd. Lets just hope that Paris is out of town and I don't come home with a senic case of the clap.


Becky said...

No need to worry. Paris will be in jail while you are there.

Sophie Treadmill said...

Hey,have fun at the Beverly Hills Hilton!

Pendullum said...

My fingers are crossed for you... You 11 you!!!
Only good thoughts your way...