Wednesday, June 06, 2007

I'm here!

I'm in LA. The flight out here was pretty rough but I got here and and that's all that matters. All I have to do now until 7:45 tomorrow is relax and enjoy this very nice hotel.

Seriously, this place is super nice. I felt like such a hillbilly walking in. The place is huge and it's not totally clear where you need to go to check in. After I wandered around for a while blinding everyone in the lobby with my "Minnesota tan" legs I figured it out. I noticed as soon as I was checking in that everyone who works here is so nice. I mean, I kmow it's their job and all but the level of courtesy is kind of amazing. As I was headed to the elevator I had to fight off about 14 people trying to help me carry my two tiny bags. When I was walking down the hall to my room I passed a hotel main who darn near curtsied as I passed. I wanted to say "Stop it! You're dealing with someone who once walked into a Motel 6 and thought "Hey, this place is pretty nice!"

My transfer is set for tommorow at 7:45. I have to get there with a full bladder but that's about my only job. The procedure itself takes about 2 minutes but then I have to lay flat for an hour. After that I'll come back to the hotel for bedrest until I leave on Friday.

The only bad news is that while J had planned to be here for the transfer he just won't be able to. He had to leave today because of somehting going on back home. I know he felt bad about it so I'll give him and B a call tomorrow to let them know how it went. They're really sweet guys. They had a beautiful flower arrangment sent to my room here at the hotel. It had a note on it that said "Thinking of you. Thank you so much!" I'm so excited for this transfer tomorrow and I'm really keeping my fingers crossed that it works out for the guys.

For now I'm going to go take a long, hot shower and enjoy being in the bathroom as long as I want without anyone knocking on the door and telling me they need to poop. Jesse. I'm also going to go and pack up all the fancy shmancy toiletries from the bathroom so that they'll give me more stuff tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

Hey, it's not my fault you choose to shower when I have to poop.

We're all glad you made it there safely and I think the kids are already missing you...

Love Jesse

Jen said...

Haha. I love you Jesse. Be good to my babies while I'm gone.

shyestviolet said...

you know you're a minnesotan when:

1. motel sixes are just alright, and actually quite nice (especially when a twins game is on)

2. you regularly pack up hotel toiletries (even the ones from motel 6), and try to persuade your travel buddies to give you THEIR toiletries, too

good luck over the next few days, and enjoy the pampering!

Judy said...

Jen..take every advantage of your stay... try the turn down service tonight.... just to see what they do for you!!! I bet you get a chocolate on your pillow!! Thinking of you and wishing you success!!! Judy