Thursday, June 28, 2007

What was I thinking?

How could I have ever wished that I wasn't a mom? I would miss out on so much! Like Elle trying to master the art of conversation.

Elle: Mama, mama, mama, mama? Mama!
Me: What?
Elle: What? ...... Mama?
Me: Yes, baby?
Elle: Goosey?
Me: Where's Goofy?
Elle: All gone! ..... Mama?
Me? What is it honey?
Elle: Papers?
Me: No, you already had some capers today.
Elle: Papers? Papers?
Me: No more capers.
Elle: Mama? Mama? Mama!
Me: What?
Elle: What? ....... Mama!
Me: Yes Elle?
Elle: (looking very serious and pointing at her nose) Boogies.

And I would miss out on watching Joseph at soccer practice and hearing him yell out things during the game like:

Team! Team! Let's just take a quick break and have some time for hugging!"

"My feet are dangerous weapons!"

"That's my mom over there! Don't kick the ball at her head! She uses it to read to me!"

"I feel light! I feel pretty! I've never felt so alive!"

And at one point he was hit in the crotch with the ball and the coach asked him if he was ok. Joseph, running as fast as he could after the ball yelled back in as loud a voice as I have ever heard him use: "It's ok! It was just my penis!"

How could I have wanted to miss out on all this?


Becky said...

Oh...I lurve that last picture!

shyestviolet said...

you know, there are some days, when I'm in line at target, and I see screaming children and mean cranky parents, and I think, "I never want children. ever."

and then there are some days where I read stuff like this, and I think, "It would totally be worth it."


CDPJ said...

Oh my goodness... that was so funny I almost spit out my coffee.

By the way, it's Jill from Coo-Coo. i have a new home at:

Stop by and say Hi sometime :-)

Sophie Treadmill said...

I absolutely adore that little outfit Elle has on! And, I laughed out loud at the Joseph story!

This Is... said...

Aww, what patooties they are! I can't wait till they get grown enough to read these! Heh.