Monday, June 25, 2007

The kids at the splash pad

Joseph having fun at the splash pad.

Elle attempting to run away from the splash pad and Joseph going to get her.

And yes, I have the two whitest children in the history of the universe.


Absolutely Bananas said...

hee hee I'm glad to see there are other Mayonnaise chillun out there besides mine!

Rodrigo said...

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Mrs. Schmitty said...

Oh how cute are they?!!

Catherine, the redhead said...

Ahhh your wee-one is a redheaded girl. Shall I apologize now and light 10000000 candles of compassion?
My mother still loves me even though I gave her all her grey hairs.
Catherine, the redhead

Jennifer said...

My youngest is a redhead too. She is affectionately known as The Evil One. Formerly known as Squeak, screech and squeal in no particular order.

EE said...

Soooo cute!