Monday, June 25, 2007

The perfect wife

Yesterday we were in the car and Elle was putting her toes up by her nose. Joseph was obviously impressed and we had the following conversation:
Joseph: Now that's what I like to see in a girl. The woman I marry will be able to pick her nose with her toes.
Me: *laughs*
Joseph: The second ingredient for a perfect wife is that she has to be a good cook and will make me whatever food I want.
Me: What else does someone need to be a perfect wife?
Joseph: She needs to have a lot of gas.
Me: Gas? Why?
Joseph: You know, (whispers) butt gas.
Me: Oh..... Yes, I see.
Joseph: And she should have a lot of money so that she can buy me a lot of toys. And she should let me do whatever I want, whenever I want. And most important, she should never crab at me.

I'm not sure it's a wife he's after. I think he's looking for a mom. A new mom with a lot of butt gas. (Not that this pregnancy hasn't given me more than my fair share of that lately!


shyestviolet said...

ahhhh. butt gas is what I, too, seek in the perfect mate. I can only hope some of the adorable-ness of your children rubs off on your/their baby-to-be, as well.

nell said...

Oh my God, that is funny! I'm sure he'll find him a nice little wife somewhere, but good luck with the whole "lets me do whatever I want part" I don't think wives are programmed that way. Although, if he finds one, let me know. Steve and I have been thinking we should chip in and get ourselves a wife, you know, for around the house. (hold the butt gas please)

tulipmom said...

Just visting from Suburban Oblivion. Your son is a riot! Great blog ... I'll definitely be back!