Monday, June 11, 2007

Men are strange

It's past 10 at night and Jesse is in the basement using the loudest paint sprayer in the entire history of the world. When he sprays it, it sounds like there's a fire alarm going off in your ear. I told him that he needs to a) do this when the kids aren't trying to sleep and b) use some kind of ear protection. He seems upset by my suggestions. Why? Does he want crabby, sleep-deprived kids and hearing problems? Or is he just bound and determined to get that basement painted in the least effecient way possible? (His last plan involved a plastic cup of paint and a watercolor brush.)


Jesse's Mom said...

yes, they are. I found it most efficient to just leave them alone and let them experience the consequences. They won't listen anyway. I saw a plaque in catalog once that said, "If at first you don't succeed, do it the way your mother told you"...I am Jesse's mother, but I don't think he would listen to me either. Good luck! Judy

shyestviolet said...

oh, man, get him to wear ear protection. after 5 years on the sub, J can only hear well out of his left ear. which makes conversations with his right ear very interesting :D

"I love you, honey!"



"You're right. Tacos do sound good for dinner."

Sophie Treadmill said...

Yes, yes, do what you can to get Jesse to wear ear protection! If he doesn't listen, at least you tried. And now, I must go, to begin my neverending journey to find that plaque! :)

Anonymous said...

Just so everyone knows, I did stop using the sprayer that night and plan on trying a different (newer and hopefully quieter) sprayer.

And my mom is right, I wouldn't listen to her!!!

: )