Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Happy days

I spoke to both of the guys yesterday and they are just thrilled. They're really, really happy. Each of them thanked me about a dozen times. I felt funny saying "You're welcome!" in a situation like this so I just thanked them in return for letting me be a part in this. They both kept asking if there was anything they could do or if there was anything I needed. I told them that unless they could give me a few extra hours of sleep at night there really wasn't much I thought I needed. Anyway, we're all very happy and excited and it's good to be official.

My meds change a little bit now. My medication for this week will be:
7 giant prenatal vitamins
7 shots of progesterone (No longer in an oil base!)
3 shots of delestrogen
14 progesterone vaginal suppositories
7 estrace pills

My butt is so sore and lumpy and black and blue. Thank goodness that some of the meds will end on July 16th and the rest on July 30th. There's an end in sight! It's all good.

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