Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Even then

"I love you Mama."
"I love you too baby."
"Am I always your baby?"
"Yes, even when you're all grown up, you'll still be my baby girl."
"Even when I'm old?"
"Even then."
"Even when I'm really old?"
"Even then."
"Even when I'm really, really old?"
"Even then."
"Even when I'm really, really, really old?"
"Even then."
"Even when I'm as old as you?"

Two years ago today I added a chapter to Joseph's adoption story.


Stimey said...


She's lucky she's so cute.

Barbara said...

*laugh* Does that mean you are 4 really's old? just imagine her really's are each a year and old to her is 20... feel better? :)

Anonymous said...

ahhh... age is always a matter of perspective.........

She is only 4, and her perpsective will change over time....

Hang in there and always remember to smile at these conversations..they will warm your heart.. and you get to remind her of them, when she becomes a mother and is really, really old like you.


MIL, Judy

Lori said...

That is awesome! Love kids' son asked why my stomach was so much squishier than other moms. I think I prefer this to teenage years, but I'll let you know in about 10 years ;-)