Friday, July 09, 2010

The one with the hot boys

I'm back from New York.  I'm exhausted from the vacation itself and now I'm facing a mountain of laundry, a pigsty house and a garden that needs several hours worth of weeding and harvesting.  I shouldn't be sitting down at all right now but I need to share one little vacation story with you.

We spent the end of our trip on Fire Island.  One day the four of us were on the beach.  Jesse and Joseph were out splashing in the water and I was on the beach taking pictures of Elle building a sand castle.  All of the sudden Joseph comes running up to me yelling "Why are you taking pictures of hot boys?"

Turns out Jesse had thought I was taking pictures of the (many, many, many, many) guys walking up and down the beach and he decided that the best way to address it was to send our 10 year old son screaming up the beach to ask me about it.

I crabbed at Jesse for a bit and then I pouted for a bit.  Then I decided I didn't want Jesse to have to live with the guilt of accusing me of something I didn't do.


You're welcome.

Three years ago today I took a sure-fire pregnancy test.


susan said...

Truly you are a kind and thoughtful wife, to assuage Jesse's guilt like that. May we all aspire to be so magnanimous.

jwg said...

You do realize, given where you were, that the chance of those cute boys returning your interest was close to nil? Oh well, looking is still fun.