Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Three questions

Friends, I have some very important questions for you!

1. What is your favorite traditional Thanksgiving food?

2. What is one traditional Thanksgiving food that you hate?

3. Do you like wet, mushy stuffing or dryer stuffing?

And a bonus question for those of you who have rodents as pets:

1. How stinky are they? Honestly?  If I buy one hamster are people going to be able to smell it the second they walk into my house?  Because I've sort of fallen in love with a crazy little white hamster at the pet store and she's so cute but also I suspect that she's sort of deranged and I just want to buy her and bring her home and feed her raisins.  Assuming you can give raisins to hamsters that is.  But we just got Elle a fish AND a snail and as a family Christmas present we're going to buy a big fish tank and I don't want to get a hamster if that's going to tip us over in to the "crazy animal people" category where people will be afraid to come to our house and they'll be able to pick us out in a crowd by our odor and by the wood shavings in our hair.  So be honest!  The fate of a nutty little hamster hangs in the balance!

I kind of want to buy this crazy looking hamster
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Nanette said...

Buying a hamster was the biggest mistake we made. The cage HAS to be cleaned 1 time a week. They stink constantly. Changing the cage is very hard because of all the removable/cheap pieces that seem to break upon cleaning. Set up is pretty expensive.

The pee stuck to the bottom of the cage....ugh.'s pretty cute! :-)

Marinka said...

I hate hamsters. Especially for Thanksgiving. Sorry.

I love turkey, I have everything pumpkin-related. Ewww. And I like my stuffing dry. Now I'm starving.

Mary said...

1) Favorite traditional food: mashed potatoes
2) Food I hate: sweet potatoes, stuffing, jello with celery, pie.
3) Stuffing style: see above

Hamsters: I had two when I was a kid and I don't remember them being too stinky, but they were in glass cages rather than wire which probably helped. If you are looking for other input about them, they are not the most cuddly pets (I'm a dog hugger, I admit) and they sometimes bite.

Suzanne said...

Favorite food: Whole berry cranberry sauce.

Food I hate: Sweet potatoes, especially the kind with marshmallows on top.

Stuffing: Mushy mushy mushy

Don't get a hamster. We had them growing up, anywhere from 1 to 3 at a time, and they suck. You can't really train them, so if you get one that bites it will continue to bite you. Plus changing the cage is awful and you don't need another chore like that.

Jen said...

Favorite T-day food: stuffing is tied for 1st place with the sweet potato casserole

Least favorite: Pumpkin pie is tied with turkey. Yes, I know. I'm not human.

Stuffing: moist but not wet/mushy

Hamsters: stink. Mary is right, though, that the glass cages help. However, we have had gerbils and hamsters and I spent most of my time wishing they would die a peaceful rodent death so that I didn't have to smell them or clean their cage anymore.

mary said...

favorite -- stuffing (new fav pumpkin stuffed with everything good -- look it up on the internet it is amazing)
hate - pumpkin pie
stuffing style -- wet

don't get hamsters get guinea pigs. They all stink if you don't clean the cage AT LEAST 1x a week but at least with guinea pigs they have personalities and can be played with. I find I resent helping clean the cage less because they return affection than I do cleaning the fish bowl which actually is less stinky.

Anonymous said...

I have some answers for you!

1. I am REALLY glad you didn't have a heart attack.

2. I am 100% behind your post about Amazon.

3. I am REALLY behind on your posts.

4. My fave part of Thanksgiving is mashed potatoes.

5. My least favorite is my mom's Aspic salad, which is so disgusting I can barely even THINK about it without shuddering in revulsion. I also hate stuffing.

6. I had a hamster when I was 6. He ran on his wheel thing all. night. long. Then he escaped and made a nest in the brand new carpet. But I loved him so.

The end.

Unemployed in PDX said...

1) Favorite traditional food: mashed potatoes
2) Food I hate: green bean casserole
3) Stuffing style: it's all good...

I always wanted a hamster thinking somehow they were going to be able to coexist with my dogs and cats. my friends who had any of the rodent types always had stinky bedrooms. or homes. depended on the locale of the cage.

Unemployed in PDX said...
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Swistle said...

Oh my gosh CUTE HAMSTER!! I'm drawn to the oddballs, too. Hamsters are a leeeetle smelly, mostly because even when the cage is totally shiny-clean it has that "wood shavings" smell that at least for me is associated with Rodent Cage. And it does need to be cleaned frequently, so cage research is important to find one that won't make you want to kill yourself. If you put a layer of newspaper down under the shavings, cleanup is easier.

Favorite food: I like to mix bites, so a turkey, mashed potato, and sweet corn bite.

Least favorite: Sweet potatoes with marshmallows. Oh, or that green bean and dried onion dish---*shudder*. And I don't like pumpkin pie, either.

I don't like stuffing, but CERTAINLY it has to be dry if I'm going to take a token nibble of it.

Swistle said...

I have two more things to say about hamsters, which is about three more things than I'd THOUGHT I'd have to say on the subject.

1. Oh, never mind, this one doesn't apply because it's about how to choose a good hamster, but you already have a hamster in mind. (The secret is to ask the pet store clerk.) (If it's a good pet store clerk and not a bored high school student who will say, "I dunno, they're all the same.")

2. The wheel Must Not Squeak. It must not. At all. Because hamsters sleep all day long and they are awake all night long, and they will run and run and run and run on that wheel until you want to tell them to go tell Jillian Michaels she's a lazy slacker. And if the wheel squeaks, even a little bit, you will lose your mind---if not the first night, certainly by the end of the first week.

Stimey said...

Dude. That is the most fucked up awesome looking hamster I have ever seen in my life. If you haven't yet, go to the store and buy her now.

I think rodents are a little smelly, but some of them are smellier than others. For example, mice are smellier than gerbils. Who knew? I don't know where hamsters fall on the smelly spectrum.

There are a couple of things you can do to help with the smell. First, clean the cage a lot. I clean my mice twice a week. (Sometimes once.) But there are five of them, so they're probably extra smelly.

Second, find bedding that doesn't smell. I use a paper bedding that kind of stinks when you take it out of the package, which is dumb, but I haven't had a chance to figure out what less smelly kind of bedding won't give them lung disease. Also, they like to carry the paper around.

Seriously, even though I have to clean the cage frequently, my mice are the easiest pets I've ever had. I love them a lot. Not that this fact was ever in doubt.

Oh, and (1) stuffing, (2) yams, (3) mushy.

Ferdinand the Duck said...

I am a fan of turkey and moist stuffing and anti-pumpkin pie and dry crusty stuffing.

Anonymous said...

Moist stuffing is a must, not mushy, but moist. Most favorie, pumpking pie with whipped cream (the real stuff), least favorite Cranberry salad.

Hamsters: When Jesse was growing up we had two. The first one died shortly after we got it, and the second one lived a full life of about two years. Put it in a glass aquarium. Easier to clean. We used cedar shavings, and cleaned the cage once a week. Make sure the aquarium has a top on it, and weight the top with bean bags. The first one we had pushed its food dish over to the wheel so the wheel would not turn, and climbed out. Lived in the kitchen for about a week until I found it the a bottom drawer where I kept the phone books, it had shredded part of a phone book for a nest. Had to clean all the kitchen cabinets after that, so be sure about the cover on the aquarium. They do run all night. Best not to put in a bedroom. We had ours in the living room. They will wake up and play during the day, they like to run around in a plastic ball, but they will pee when the are in the ball, and the ball has air holes. I guess you have to decide if all of this is worth it. The good news is that they only live about two years so it is not an unbearable commitment.

Love, your MIL... Judy

Eile said...

I love crispy turkey skin with gravy, yes I said skin...the rest of the turkey is just ok lol.

I hate the marshmallows on top of sweet potatoes. I won't eat it. Why make a yummy veggy over sweet and gross?

Stuffing is always yummy.

Go visit the hamster everyday at the pet store. It will be more fun then owning it.

jwg said...

Favorite-Chestnut Stuffing
Hate-Creamed onions
Stuffing style-toward the dry side
Rodents-When hell freezes over.

Emily said...

I was worried my house would smell like a dog when we bought Hades. However now I am a crazy pet person and we are going to foster dogs and its probably going to smell all kinds of terrible in our house and we will be totally oblivious and think it smells like f'in DAISIES.

So hey, do it.

Emily said...

I was worried my house would smell like a dog when we bought Hades. However now I am a crazy pet person and we are going to foster dogs and its probably going to smell all kinds of terrible in our house and we will be totally oblivious and think it smells like f'in DAISIES.

So hey, do it.