Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Criminals love cologne in decorative collectible bottles

I had just fallen asleep last night when Jesse came in to the room to ask me if perhaps I had made $263 worth of charges on his credit card.  The good news is that I had not.  The bad news is that someone had.

We're not exactly sure how it happened since Jesse is still in possession of his credit card.  Luckily Jesse caught it almost as soon as the charges went through.

The weird thing though is what the credit card thief bought.  They ordered stuff from Avon.  Avon?  Seriously credit card thief?  You had to steal a credit card to get your Avon fix?

I just picture someone stealing a credit card to buy prescription drugs online or to pay a hooker but Avon just seems so ... stupid.

Also, I've never had a credit card stolen (nor have I stolen one) but doesn't it seem like it would be relatively easy to track down the person who stole the card?  Couldn't you just go the the address where the Avon was supposed to be sent to?  Or is Avon thievery more sophisticated than that?  Maybe there's an elaborate network of safe-houses and PO boxes that exists for people who are addicted to lip balm with calendars printed on the side.

You know, I'm not even mad that someone stole the card.  Whatever, stuff happens.  I'm just annoyed that they used it to buy something so lame.  At least give me something I can make a good story out of!  (You'll not that I blogged this anyway.  That's because this is sadly the most interesting thing I've got going on right now.)

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Lunch Buckets said...

That is pretty pathetic!

Unemployed in PDX said...

Avon has lip balm with calendars printed on the side?!??! Where's a stranger's wallet when i need it!??!?!!

Stimey said...

Couldn't they have at least bought a fancy TV or something?

Alex lost his wallet a while back and the people who found/stole it used it to make, like, three purchases at different gas stations. Alex was worried because the wallet has our address in it and I was all, "I don't think these people are the criminal masterminds you think they are."