Friday, November 09, 2007

Anyone care for an itchy potty?

Elle and I are playing together today when all of the sudden she asks me "Achee potty?"

Um. Huh? "Itchy potty?" I ask her.

"Yeah! Achee potty!" she replies.

"Itchy potty?" I am confused. "Does your.... do you have a diaper rash honey? Did you go potty and it hurts?"

Now Elle is confused. "Achee potty? Pease? Achee potty, Mama?"

What in the hell is she saying to me? "Sweetie, I don't understand. Do you need a diaper change?"

"No diaper! Achee potty!" Now she's getting angry.

"Elle, can you show me what you want?" That works sometimes.

She runs over to her play kitchen, grabs a teapot and with a big grin on her face exclaims "Achee potty!"

And then it clicks. "Yes sweetie, we can have a tea party."


nell said...

Hahahaha! I remember those days...

shyestviolet said...

I may not be moved to tears by "proud to be an american," but stories of mistaken itchy potties will make me cry rivers of hysterics. I seriously can't stop. :D