Monday, November 26, 2007

Christmas mania

Help me! I am out of control! I cannot stop buying Christmas presents for Joseph!

I keep going out intending to buy for the other people on my list but then I just end up with a crat full of stuff for Joseph. I can't help it though. He's just really, really easy to buy for and just about everyone else I have to buy for is really, really hard.

I get great satisfaction out of finding the "perfect" gift. The problem is that I keep finding the "perfect" gift for one person over and over while everyone else on my list remains unbought for.

I think I might be acting out on some guilt I feel over Joseph's first Christmas with us. He was still our foster child at the time and we were being told on a weekly basis "He's going to go back home any day now. Expect it to happen at any time." I went to a used children's clothing store and bought him a big bag of clothes. I thought it would be of good use when he was back living with people who didn't know how to provide for his basic needs. About two days before Christmas I realized that he would be with us for the holidays and I went and got him a coupleof cheapie baby toys somewhere. And that's all he got for his very first Christmas. Yeah, I still feel a little crummy about that.

So now I need to make up for it by buying him everything that he expressed even a mild, passing interest in. Movies, computer games, Wii games, a Nintendo DS, art supplies, Tech Dudes, Cars cars, puzzles, board games, I'm out of control!

I hope Elle won't mind watching Joseph open presents for three hours while she sits there with her new pink bike and pink helmet and ..... not much else.



nell said...

Poor Elle. Christmas guilt aside, I think this is common first/second child thing. Ar least for me. I can always think of a million things that I'd love to get for Matilda and the I try to think of something for Freya and it's really hard.

Ferdinand the Duck said...

Remember how you didn't get me anything last Christmas and you feel bad about it now?

Jen said...

nell - I think part of the problem is that Elle is at a hrad age to buy for. She's outgrowing her baby toys but she's still a bit too young for stuff for the next age group. Also, is it ok if I refer to you as your husband's woman?

aj - Once you learn to take care of your thing THEN we'll discuss getting you the $69 bowtie and the $119 flood pants.

StickyKeys said...

aj - Once you learn to take care of your thing THEN we'll discuss

Hee! His groove thing!

Ahem... umm, can I be on your Christmas list? My goodness, I thought I was the only one spending money this Christmas!

Ben said...

Hey Dad, remember that Christmas when I was like, 6 and you yelled at me when I stepped on one of my toys and broke it? Yeah, trauma. But nothing a flat screen TV wouldn't cure.