Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Please stop saying fish

I loooove watching the Food Network when I am pregnant. It's like porn for me. I just can't get enough of it.

It occured to me today as I was watching it though that there is one food that no on on the Food Network should make or eat or talk about ever again.

I'm talking about fish tacos.

I don't care how good you say they are. I don't care how easy they are to make. I don't even care if they contain magical powers that enable me to fly and become invisible and turn things into chocolate just by touching them.

None of that matters because I can't even hear the phrase "fish taco" without feeling a little ill. Show me someone cooking one and I'll alternate between giggling and feeling sick to my stomach. I cannot bring myself to watch someone eating one.

Is it just me? Or is "fish taco" just about disgusting sounding?


Grandma Judy said...

No doubt about it. Fish taco sounds disgusting. Although logically it is not much different than a "fish sandwich".....but I don't think I could eat a fish taco. The two just don't go together. Not no way, not no how.

Anonymous said...

Then, I won't tell you how much I love them.

Ferdinand the Duck said...

Hahahaha. "Fish taco." Teehee.
My God, I'm immature.

Beany said...

Ok, I won't say it, because I know how sensitive you are, and I am also so thoughtful about things like that, but honestly they are good. I was skeptical until I tried them, it seems like a strange combination, but they were good. No magical powers, but still tasty.

nell said...

It's not just you. To be fair, I've never tried one, but there's a reason for that...

Charming Driver said...

I don't much care for fish, at all, except for tuna from a can the IDEA of a fish taco (although: HEE @ the very name) makes my stomach turn. And they seem to be popular here because they are advertised everywhere, all the time. Blech.

StickyKeys said...



Ahem, I mean, umm.. I really (REALLY!!!) like (LOVE) fish tacos.

A lot.

(And I bet your hubbs does too..)

(come on, you had to see it comeing!)

StickyKeys said...

When did you start moderating your comments?

Bananas said...


I used to think this. But Jen, you MUST come to Seattle and I will take you out and get you a DELISH fish taco and you'll take it back.

They can be amazing when done right. But there's no middle ground. Amazing or horrifying... that's it. ;)

Laura said...

it does sound wrong...unless you are in san diego i imagine.
i confess once having fish tacos and i was surprised at how good it was. but you won't see it on the dinner menu here under the big top.
thanks for stopping by my place and leaving a comment.

melody is slurping life said...

I can't even say or type the words. Ewwwww!

CamiKaos said...

I have never eaten one and I never will.

Jenn said...

I know they sound awful, beyond awful.

But one night in the southwestern part of the USA, afer a few margarita's, I ate one,then I ended up eating three more, they were that freaking good.

And you can bet your bootie that if I ever step foot out there again, I'll be ordering some up.

Just not with a straight face.