Friday, November 09, 2007

He's proud to be an American

Joseph's school had a Veteran's Day program today. I knew right away it made a big impact on him because for once he was willing to talk about something that happened at school without me having to harrass him for details. He told me that there were people that showed them how to fold flags and then they sang some songs. Then he told me that he cried when they sang "Proud to be an American". He explained it like this "It wasn't sad crying, it was like happy, proud crying because I was thinking about veterans. I was the only one crying but I wasn't even emberassed."

Of course after that I was in tears. Sometimes Joseph's such a little goofball that I forget what a sweet and sensitive little boy he really is. I don't know a lot of seven year olds that are moved to tears by patriotic songs and feelings. He's one of a kind I think.

I'm so lucky to have him.


Angela said...

Oh yes you are. How incredibly sweet. You must be very proud.

SouthernBell said...

I read what you wrote at Oh, the Joys blog and really like your idea. Thanks for sharing.