Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Return of the Giant Purple Mumu

I've broken out the Giant Purple Mumu. Yes, it's come to that.

I acquired the Giant Purple Mumu when I was about 7 months pregnant with Elle. It was on super-mega-clearance at Target and cost less than $5. It's not really surprising that I got it so cheap. The thing is a size 4X and ugly as sin. By the time I was 9 months pregnant I had taken to wearing the thing every second that I was at home. Even when I was at my biggest, pregnantest size the Giant Purple Mumu was huge on me. It made me feel comfy no matter how bad I felt.

Now the Giant Purple Mumu has seen better days. It has a small hole in the front. There are new loose threads appearing at the hem and armholes.

I recently had a giant clothing purge. I sent three big bags to the Goodwill and one bag to the trash. For a long time I considered pitching the Giant Purple Mumu.

Then I have a day like today and I'm glad I kept it.

Last night I crawled into bed at about 9:30 because I was feeling like absolute crap. This morning I woke up aching from head to toe. If I blink too hard my head throbs. If I walk across the room my legs get wobbly and jelly-like. I can't think straight or even really see straight.

I am wearing the Giant Purple Mumu. My plan is to wear it all day and then lay on the couch as much as I possibly can. This means that I won't be able to take Elle to school today or pick Joseph up from school later. I would like to get dressed and attend to my kids but ...... the Giant Purple Mumu, she calls to me.

I am powerless to resist her.

Update - I still feel like crap but I am going to scrape myself up off the floor, get dressed and take Elle to school. Wish me luck. I can't feel my left leg or see out of my right eye.


nell said...

Ugh, good luck! I had a similar article of clothing and always found it comforting to look like crap on the days when I felt like crap - it somehow made me feel better.

Anonymous said...


I wear a giant blue MuMu a whole helluva lot.

I'm NOT pregnant....

StickyKeys said...

Yeah... I'm going to need a picture.

Seriously for reals.

*taps foot*

melody is slurping life said...

I just had to hail the power of the mighty mumu. :)

Yes, where's the photo?