Friday, November 19, 2010

Urgent hamster update

So I compiled the answers to my hamster/Thanksgiving questions and I have the following results to share:

Some of you like dryer stuffing and some of you are gross and like the wet stuff.  Also, no one seems to like sweet potatoes except for one person and that one person is pregnant so I guess she has an excuse for liking weird foods.  A lot of people like mashed potatoes so now I feel good about my choice to bring mashed potatoes and gravy to my family's Thanksgiving potluck.

The answers I got to the hamster question made me think maybe a hamster is not such a great idea for my family.  When someone tells you that they spent their entire time as a hamster owner "wishing they would die a peaceful rodent death so that I didn't have to smell them or clean their cage anymore" you start to think maybe rodent ownership is not all it's cracked up to be.  On the other hand, I sort of want to buy a mouse because apparently when you have a mouse and you get paper bedding for them "they like to carry the paper around" and I find that unbearably cute for some reason.  I probably won't buy a mouse though because I can't really bring myself to pay for something that we've been killing for free all summer long. 

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Stimey said...

Mice—they're not just for baseboards and scampering through the walls anymore!

Anonymous said...

Jen, are you sure you want to invite a rodent to live with you? Other than Mickey and Minnie, of course??

Love to all... MIL...Judy

Jen said...

I loved sweet potatoes well before pregnancy, so PFFFTTTTTFFFFT. (I'm so mature).

Emily said...

I LOVE sweet potatoes!