Sunday, November 19, 2006

Trying to be nice

Last night I was putting Joseph to bed and he was not happy about it. We had the following conversation:
Joseph: I don't want you to put me to bed! I want Daddy to! I like him better than you! (crying, yelling, flipping all over the bed)
Me: Joseph, calm down and talk to me in a normal voice.
Joseph: I want Daddy! I like him more than you!
Me: That's ok, I like Daddy more than I like you too.
Joseph: (short pause) What?
Me: I like Daddy more than you.
Joseph: That's not a nice thing to say!
Me: No, it's not and I don't like it when you say stuff like that to me either.
Joseph: (long pause) Mommy, is there a more appropriate way to tell you that I like Daddy better than you?

Sigh. He's trying.

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Anonymous said...

oh, goodness. :D