Thursday, November 09, 2006

Brother and sister

Elle loves her Ba-ba. And he loves her. When I go to pick Joseph up from school Elle get's so excited when we get close. She starts hitting her car seat and saying "ba ba ba ba ba ba ba!" When she sees him come out of the room she always want to grab his hand or give him a hug. Then, when we get into the car they hold hands all the way home. They're so sweet. I'm glad they like each other so much.

Joseph has turned out to be a really good big brother. He always wants to know what Elle did while he was at school. Sometimes he sings songs to her and changes the words so that the song is about her. Yesterday he had a big meltdown at dinner and we reminded him that Elle was watching him to learn the right way to act at dinner. He got so worried! "Oh no! Now Elle might do this too! Don't do it Elle, this isn't the right way to act!" He wants so much to be a good example to her. He's a good kid.

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Anonymous said...

what a sweet sweet boy. I wish I would've been more conscientious about my little brother. I hope he's not too damaged from my temper tantrums...!