Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Teeth suck

Remember when my dentist was all "You have the most amazing teeth and the longest roots every!"?  Yeah, that was awesome.  The problem is that in addition to fantastic roots I also have two baby teeth left in my mouth.  Two of the bottom molars are baby teeth that don't have any permanent teeth under them.

Turns out that baby teeth don't last forever.  After a while the roots start to disintegrate and sooner or later they have to go.  And when one of your baby teeth has a cavity and one has a crack in it they have to go sooner.  I could have the teeth fixed but my dentist thinks I'll probably lose the teeth in a couple of years any way so it doesn't make much sense to pay to fix them now. 

Meaning?  The baby teeth are coming out.  And as long as the teeth are getting pulled I'm also having that stupid leftover fragment of wisdom tooth cut out.  You know, for funsies.

So tomorrow I have to go in and get two teeth pulled and a wisdom tooth removed.  It's gonna be so awesome!  And by awesome I mean terrible.  I'm going to be left with two empty spots in my mouth that have to heal before I can get implants or a bridge or whatever put in.  I'm not going to open my mouth at all for the next few months.  That should make some people in my life happy.  It makes me less happy as I rather enjoy running my mouth but what are you gonna do?

Wish me luck. I'm going to spend the rest of today drowning my extreme dental anxiety in chocolate cake.  And then probably a little wine.

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Wendy said...

They can, and probably should, make you a thing called a flipper, which is a temporary fake. If they don't, your other teeth may shift (teeth try to fill the available space) and then you're kind of screwed. I was in an accident and knocked out my front teeth, and--long story very short--did not wear the flipper faithfully while waiting for the gums to heal. (It was uncomfortable; I was working at home, no one could see me, blah, blah...) I wound up needing to get braces to open up room in my mouth for the implants. Total annoyance.

I suppose that might not apply if the spaces are already small? Or in the back? But either way, I hope it goes well and they give you good drugs! I'm going to go floss my teeth now, since you've reminded me of how much I love having them. :)

Stimey said...

Good luck!!!! At the very least, you'll have some good napping time and Vicodin, right? Also, Jack sends all his sympathy.

susan said...

Ick. Good luck indeed! Hope your kids have somewhere to be, afterward, so you can recover sans French accents or constant "Boo!"ing.

Anonymous said...

Jen, I'm so sorry for your pain. I'll be sending you good thoughts!
If they are molars, they probably aren't that big especially if they are baby teeth. Maybe you should have kept the wisdom teeth, gotten braces and moved everything forward!! :) Anyway, I'm sure your dentist knows the best thing to do for your situation. Good luck, Honey! Your MIL

mary said...

Hope the extraction went ok. I'm very interested in what they do about the missing teeth. My 11 year old is missing 6 permanent teeth and has lost 2 of the baby teeth for those. The orthodontist is in a wait and see what happens mode for now.

Bianca Jackson said...

I got my wisdom tooth extracted years ago, and guess what, it's an experience that I wouldn't want to repeat ever again. In that one day, I uttered more curses than I did my whole lifetime. Good thing wisdom teeth extraction only happen once. I'm so glad, thanks to my dentist.