Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Facebook is so gay

To really understand the beauty of this story you have to understand Joseph.  I have raised him to be open and accepting and there is not a single part of him that is hateful or judgmental.  What he said in this story was not a joke.  It was an an honest attempt to answer his own question and figure out one of the touchier points of social interactions. 

"How do you know if someone is gay?" Joseph asked me.

"Hmmmm..." I responded, stalling for time as I tried to best form an answer he would understand.

He continued.  "I know that if like two men or two women are married then they're gay but how can you tell if you just met them?"

"Well buddy, there are maybe a few things that might give you a clue someone is gay but every person is different and -" I started but then he cut me off.

"Could you look them up on facebook?" he asked.  "Like if you looked up Bob and it said 'spouse - John' then you would know he was gay?"

I choked back a laugh. "Yes, I suppose that would do it."

Joseph continued.  "And you could look at their status updates?  Maybe it would say something like 'Bob is bein' gay!" or "Bob is gaying like no one has ever gayed before!' then you would know they were gay?"

On one hand I am a little disturbed by how well Joseph understands how facebook works.  On the other hand, I kind of want to get "Bob is bein' gay!" printed onto a t-shirt. 

One year ago today I went to New York.


dancing_lemur said...

I LOVE this story! Too freaking cute!

Lunch Buckets said...

Hilarious! I want one of those t-shirts I think ...

Anonymous said...

I want one of those T-Shirts, too. We must understand that this generation of children has grown up with technology and they are just born knowing how it works! And their minds are very quick at figuring out the next steps! (ever watch a toddler with a TV remote...they "know" that by pushing the buttons they can control the TV...and they aren't fooled by a "fake" one to play with!) I applaud Joseph's mind!!

Love to all...Grandma Judy

Andrea said...

Ahh, thanks for the chuckles. Order me a shirt too!!

simply heidi said...

Can you make those up on cafepress? "Bob is being gay."
I hate, hate, HATE the term LOL, but I really did. I LOL'd. A couple of times.

Jen said...

LOVE it. I mentioned offhandedly the other day that Ellen Degeneres is a lesbian and Amelia said, "Yeah so?". I love that sexual orientation is such a nonissue for my kid.

pamywamy said...

You always make me laugh out loud! I want a shirt too!

Stimey said...

If I were gay, I would go to Facebook RIGHT NOW and type in "Jean is bein' gay!"

I love Joseph. He's the best.

Emily said...

World's best status update