Friday, July 22, 2011

Swing away

Thanks to a combination of luck and timing and generous grandparents Elle now has her own playset in the backyard.  This is pretty much the greatest thing that Elle has going on in her life right now.  She loves that playset.  It's got two swings, a glider, a slide, monkey bars and a play area covered by a canopy.
By far her favorite part of the playset is the swings.  The day after we got the playset put together she woke me up at six in the morning asking if she could go swinging.  She doesn't care how hot it is outside, she'll go out at all hours of the day and swing, swing, swing.  She comes in every so often for a new coating of sunscreen and to cool off but then she's right back out there again.

She likes to swing with her eyes shut.  Sometimes I'll be out working in the garden and I can hear the rhythmic "squeak, squeak, squeak" of the swingest and then her little voice joining in to sing to go with the rhythm.  Yesterday I heard her singing "Bad Romance".  I held my hand over my mouth to stifle my laugh.  She didn't notice me watching her.  Her eyes were screwed tightly shut.  Her hair was coming loose from her pony tail and blowing around her face.  Her long legs moved forward and backwards in time.  Suddenly she cried "I'm swinging higher than I ever dreamed possible!"

Swing away baby.  Swing away.

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Heidi said...

Oh my goodness Jen! My son does the same thing with our swing set...including "Bad Romance". He Says he LOVES Lady Gaga's music, but not when she wears dresses made out of meat. HA! I am seriously cracking up right now...

BellaDaddy said...

from One GaGA fan to another, you go for it it Elle! We've been considering a set much like that one...thanks!

thanks so much for following our little site. We've added you to our blogroll and will be looking foward to your posts!


Jen said...

I'm all heart melty now.

Anonymous said...

It's so grand to see her enjoying the swing set so much!! She looks like she is having a ball..... and swinging with eyes closed is the can pretend to be anywhere!!

Grandma Judy

Andrea said...

I'm kinda sort of a little teary eyed right now. Beautiful post <3

Stimey said...

What a doll. Swing high, little girl!

I hate the swings in my yard because my kids are lazy and want me to do underdogs with them or give them starter pushes or otherwise interact with them when I would much rather sit on the porch.