Sunday, July 22, 2007

Harry Potter and the Fairly Unspoilerish Review

Well, I did it. I finished it this afternoon. It was .... I don't know. About as I thought it would be I suupose. Unlike the other books, there was almost no humor in this one. I guess there was a little bit but the overall tone of the whole book was so dark that the humor just sort of seemed a little off. There were a few points in the book that seemed so dark and adult that they just seemed out of place in a children's book. It ended about the way I expected it to but there were a couple of little suprises along the way. Now I just sort of feel let down because now it's really, really over. yes, I know that it's silly to get that wrapped up in a book. So sue me.

You've probably heard that the big spoiler about this book was that 2 major characters would die. I don't know by who's count that is but by mine, that number is way off. *Don't read this next part if you don't want to be spoiled at all even though I'm not naming names or anything!* By my count there were seven major characters that died plus a small handful of minor characters.

All in all, a satisfying read. I'm sorry that after all this long wait I had to rip through it like I did but I was just too worried about hearing about the ending from somewhere else. Even if you find yourself spoiled though, don't worry. It's still an enjoyable book.


shyestviolet said...

just two? which two were those? I will say, without trying to spoil anything, that I was BAWLING at the character that got buried at shell cottage (is that too spoilery?). bawling, I tell you.

Sophie Treadmill said...

I just realized you listed Best in Show on your profile. My Mom loved that movie and kept telling me to rent it. I keep meaning to, but then I forget.

You just reminded me, so when I return this batch, I'm getting it!

Oh, The Joys said...

Oops! I don't even have a copy yet!