Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Sunrise, sunset

This morning Joseph ran into our room at full speed and yelled "I'm seven!". Yes, my baby boy is now seven years old. It doesn't seem possible. I can so clearly remember the day he came to us. He looked so tiny in his car seat. As soon as his social worker left I called my mom and said "I can't pick this baby up! He's too tiny!" Who knew that that funny looking, scrawny little guy would someday become the large living, good time having, big sense of humored (and even bigger hearted) bundle of energy and joy that he is today?

Blessing and miracle are two words that I don't use lightly. But if there is one thing in my life that perfectly embodies those two words, it is Joseph. I am thankful everyday for the fact that he is in our lives. When I think back on the past seven years I'm almost overwhelmed by how much Joseph has meant to us. I'm still amazed that of all the people in the world, I was the one chosen to be his mommy.

So happy birthday baby. Thank you for all the giggles and belly laughs. Thank you for the times you drove me crazy and made me throw up my hands in surrender. Thank you for the kisses and the hugs and the many times you have said "I love you!" out of no where, for no reason. Thank you for throwing yourself full-heartedly into everything you and for reminding me to always try, even if I sometimes fail. Thank you for making me more compassionate, more loving, more understanding and more complete. The last seven years have been crazy and I can't wait to see what else life has in store for you. Or rather, what you have in store for life.


Ferdinand the Duck said...

Awww. Happy Birthday, Joseph!!!

Thejesse said...

Beautiful. Almost exactly reflects my own sentiments towards my autistic son.

StickyKeys Says: said...

Happy Birthday JoJo!

Sophie Treadmill said...

Happy Birthday Joseph! What a beautiful, eloquent post. You should print it out and save it in a scrap book for him or something.