Sunday, July 29, 2007

The Simpsons movie

So I gave in and took Joseph to the Simpsons movie. You know, it really wasn't that bad. I don't even think there were really any parts in the movie where I thought "Oh no! I shouldn't have taken him to see this!" There was one part where you see Bart's "doodle" (that's what they call it in the movie) but it was quick and if anything Joseph just thought it was funny. He's got a doodle of his own so I guess he didn't really think too much of it. The language was pretty mild, I can only remember one "bad" word but even that wasn't a biggie. I think it was ok for Joseph to see. I'm glad I took him. The drawback is that now he thinks he's going to be able to watch the show now too and I had to put an end to that thinking right away. (I think the movie is actually tamer than a lot of the episodes.)

So yeah, I guess I'm not such a terrible mom after all.


Sophie Treadmill said...

I love learning new vocab. Can't wait to work "doodle" in there somewhere.

Looking back, I now realize when I was younger (pre-teen) my Mom's rule about movies bascially centered around quality. If I was gonna hear bad words, it was okay as long as it was for a good reason. This is kind of how I see the Simpson's (and it sounds like it didn't really didn't have anything too bad for little ones anyway) since it is such a well-done show.

J and I are going to see this at 6!

Ben said...

You thought you had seen cute before? Watch this-
and bow before the power of a daschund pupp, wearing a big red bow, playing with a baby kangaroo. You are now freaking out.

Ben said...

Oh for crying out loud. Wrong link.