Friday, July 20, 2007

The luckiest geek

Who needs friends when you've got the best little boy in the whole world? Joseph went to the Harry Potter party with me tonight and we ended up having a lot of fun. Joseph got his face painted and then painted again and then both hands painted too. He wasn't satisfied until he had the colors of all four Hogwarts houses on him. We voted on if we thought Snape was a good guy or a bad guy (I said good, Joseph said bad) and we got stickers to show how we voted. Joseph carried his around and kept yelling out "Scrape is a very bad man!" no matter how many times I corrected him. We played the "Guess That Bean" game. Joseph got a green apple, I got a vomit. (I guessed mine right away.) I got him to eat a booger bean and he loudly announced "I like the taste of my own boogers but not the taste of the jelly bean boogers!"

And who needs friends when you've got the best, sweetest husband ever? Jesse went early to get on the list to buy a book and he's going back at midnight to pick one up. All that after working all day, doing the grocery shopping and making me dinner. What a guy.

I'm going to say goodbye to reality for a couple of days now. I plan to avoid all tv, internet, radio and other assorted media and just read, read, read until my eyes cramp up. I am a happy geek tonight.


Anonymous said...

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StickyKeys Says: said...

Yes dear you certainly are... ;)

Happy reading!

Ferdinand the Duck said...

MY BOOK WAS SUPPOSED TO BE DELIVERED TODAY AND IT'S NOT HERE YET! I'm leaving to go home in an hour and I need it on the bus. I. Need. It.