Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Carbs are my enemy

Aurgh! I failed the flipping 1 hour glucose test. I was thisclose to passing it but I'm like 2 points over the "normal" range. That means I have to go in for the stupid 3 hour test on Thursay morning. Son of a bitch.

I asked the nurse if my diet from that day could have affected the results and she said it certainly could have. She asked what I had eaten that day and I was ashamed to tell her. Rice and cornbread. And that's it. She laughed and said yes, that could have done it.

Damn my love for carbs!

The good news is that I'm not having any gestational diabetes symptoms. I feel really good so I'm hopeful that this is just a fluke thing and that if I just cut back on the empty carbs a bit I'll be ok.

Now I have to call J. This will be fun.


Krista said...

Good luck with calling the freak out over everything parent! ;)

love bites said...

Do you still want a blog review? If so, please let us know. ;)