Tuesday, July 15, 2008

I was expecting pictures of moms on roller coasters

I was browsing around on Flickr yesterday and I found a bunch of groups you can join where you post a picture you took and then people would critique it and give you advice on how to make it better. I wanted to join a couple of them but I was scared to. In all the groups the pictures were so good that I knew my pitiful little attempts at photography would just get ripped apart.

In a flash of brilliance I decided to search for amature photo groups to enter my pictures in.

You know what happens when you type "amature" into the group search box? A group called "Moms looking for fun" comes up.

And do you know what happens when you're really naive? You think "Moms looking for fun? I'm a mom that's looking for fun!" and then you click it and OH MY GOD it is not what you thought it was and then you weep because a little part of your innocence died at the tender age of 31.


Tricia said...


susan said...

Ha! Ah, silly Flickr.

I joined a Flickrgroup called Post 1, leave 3 passive aggressive comments. It's like one if those "advice" groups, but with training wheels, because all of the comments are left in jest. Kind of fun.

The Laundress said...


Sam said...

I can't tell you how many innocent internet searches turned into OMG WHAT IS THAT?

Ben said...


Charming Driver said...


Alison Wonderland said...

So so so funny!!!

Brillig said...


Jen said...

tricia - Yikes was my reaction too.

susan - I joined that group but I'm scard to post to it.

laundress - I'm just gald the kids weren't around at the time.

sam - I know! Like the time I was searching for the best way to punch a donkey. I was so horrified with what i saw.

ben - No.

charming driver - I knew you would like that.

alison - It was funny once I got past the initial shock.

brillig - Oh great, the woman with the perfect eyebrows is laughing at me! ;)

StickyKeys said...

Hee, it's probably because you were looking for amateur and they were looking for "a mature". You big undercovery freaky!