Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Easy, breezy, beautiful Cover Girl art

Elle has been such a stinker lately. I'm ready for the terrible twos to be over any time now thank you very much.

Yesterday Elle poured water onto some Disney books of mine on purpose. I as her down for a timeout. When she refused to stay sitting I sat down with her. Then she poked me in the eye and giggled when I told her "NO!" She then continued to giggle and try to poke at my eyes for the next five minutes.

Joseph got more and more upset watching me try to wrestle Elle into time-out submission so he volunteered to take her upstairs and play with her. I thankfully accepted the offer. Ten minutes later I realize that things are really quiet upstairs. Just as I'm thinking that I should go check on the kids Elle yells down the stairs to me "Mama! Come see what I do!"

"What did you do sweetie?" I asked as I started up the stairs.

"I do beautiful painting!"

Painting? What could she have been painting upstairs? I moved the nail polish after she got into that. What in the world is she talking about?

I get to the stop of the stairs and there stands Elle, gesturing grandly into the bathroom. And what do you think I saw in there?

On one of the boxes I had been packing up with.
On the bathroom cabinet.
And what's that on the floor?
The little stinker took some make-up that I had used maybe twice and smeared it all over. What didn't get used for "painting" ended up on the bathroom floor and smashed into the rug.

So what do you suppose it says about me as a mom that my first reaction was to run and get my camera?


Anonymous said...

I don't know what it says about you (or me!) but you're certainly not the only mother to grab her camera and take pictures of the little vandal. Call it evidence. :)

Mrs. Schmitty said...

I'd be grabbing the camera too. She is just so cute!

My daughter is 4 and STILL does stuff like that...you may be in for a long haul, my friend.

Leslie said...

I call it being a blogger! And what was Joseph doing during the paintfest? :o)

Unknown said...

I shouldn't say this because it's a total jinx, but it's been a while since we had one of those days. Of course, they're good for the blog...

Anonymous said...

Headstrong and artistic! How much more can you ask for? Blog first, discipline second...or maybe the other way...hmmm.

Barbara said...

*laugh* I'd be grabbing the camera too, Jen. The damage is done, it's not like you could do anything else at that point, except make sure she knows not to do it again and document it for posterity and us :)

Jen said...

shannon - I fully intend to use it against her someday.

mrs schmitty - Don't tell me that! Tell me it stops as soon as they turn 3!

laggin - Joseph was sitting in his room playing. He told me he "forgot" that Elle was supposed to be up there with him.

nell - I try to remember that. I think since I started blogging most stuff that happens get viewed through the "can I blog this?" lense?

h31n0us - Blog first is the rule in our house I'm sad to say. No, not sad. Proud. No, not proud. Sad.

barbara - That's the worst part! I couldn't even get a good scold on because my mom was there laughing and saying "You can't get mad! She thinks she made a painting!" So she'll probably do it again.

Anonymous said...

I'm with your mom all the way. And she did make a painting. She's a nontraditional artist. And I'm really glad it was at your house. And there are worse things she could have used. You know what I mean. And I'm kind of glad I don't have pictures of Shyla's nontraditional art phase.

Anonymous said...

I am ready to hide in the closet until B's third birthday. I totally feel your pain.

Amy said...

well I know you would like to think those things end at 2, but for us 3 was much terrible with my daughter than 2. Good Luck!

Jillybean said...

It says that you're a blogging mama;0)

Besides, these are the photos that you show her when her own children are doing the same thing.

Mandy said...

Wooo, and I thought it was only my two year old with an obsession for destroying everything belonging to mommy! This past week Natalie discovered nailpolish... all over the sink in our room, a less than year old dresser, the bedroom carpet and our bedding. Little rapscallions. How is that even when they are completely naughty they still manage to hold that "I'm an innocent angel" look?