Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Not buying it

That show on VH1, The Pick-Up Artist. People actually watch that show? Like, on purpose? And this Mystery guy. Women actually sleep with him? On purpose?

I'm sorry, I fail to see how either of those things can be true.

I have a strong desire to meet this Mystery guy. I would like for him to try to pick me up just so that I could laugh at him. Then I would like for him to walk away from me a sad and broken man because all his tricks failed to woo a chubby midwestern housewife. And then I would like for him to realize that he's not nearly as awesome as he thinks he is so he goes home and backs out of his stupid show and the show has to be cancelled and everyone who looks up to him realizes what a loser he is and no one ever hears from him again ever. That's what I want. Is that so much to ask?

To cleanse myself of thoughts of that horrid, horrid little man and his horrid, horrid little show, here is a video of my friend Jen singing at a coffee shop. Jen is amazing. In addition to brewing beer and birthing babies (she was my doula) she writes and sings her own music. She's probably pretty handy with a skill saw too.


Heinous said...

I'm thinking that if women sleep with him that his mystery can be explained in 3 words. Ro. hyp. nol.

Jen said...

I'm glad that I can be used as a diversion from freaky creepy perverted dudes.

Um, I think I am. Right?

Cinthia said...

Mystery the creepy pick up artist is horrible, but it's the no-self-esteem-having chicks that sleep with him that made him who he is.

Have you heard what he teaches the losers that are on his show? If you put a woman down, she is basically putty in your hands. How sad for the world, but even worse that it works on lots of even sadder women.

Anonymous said...

Of all my adult relationships a good three quarters (by which I mean 3 out of 4) have involved playful insulting as part of the courtship in one direction or another.

Which is why I feel awkward when I'm told that this is apparently a manipulation tactic DESIGNED TO CRUSH MY PARTNER'S VERY SOUL UNTIL HE SLEEPS WITH ME OUT OF EXISTENTIAL DESPAIR, rather than just banter.