Friday, April 10, 2009

Kicking it old school style

I was looking through my archives for something in particular but then I forgot what I was looking for because I kept getting distracted by funny stories and cute pictures of my kids. In my searching I came across something I would like to share with you. It's a video of the kids dancing and me laughing like a donkey. Watch it for the cute kids. Pity me for my horrid laugh. Enjoy seeing Elle as a chubby cheeked baby* and Joseph as a tiny slip of a boy**.

So even though it's lame to write a post that's nothing but a plea for you to go read an older post, please humor me and click it.

*She's still chubby cheeked but she has grown into them a bit. I kind of can't believe that she was ever this small. Or that he hair was ever that short because now she has a long, curling mane that is constantly in her face.

** He's still a tiny slip of a boy. I don't think he's changed much at all. He must have grown a little bit though since Elle now wears the pajama pants Joseph is wearing in this video.

One year ago today I expressed myself in German.


Jen said...

That was so cute it makes my boobs hurt.

Beany said...

Gah! The cuteness!