Saturday, April 25, 2009

Urgent garden update!

Remember when I said my garden was 12x14 feet? Well, there's a reason I never won any estimation bees.* The garden is actually 19x20 feet. We found that out today as we** edged it with recycled railroad ties.

We also bought a rain barrel so that we can collect rain water to water the garden with. We're all ecological and shit.

Our garden is looking pretty sweet. Unfortunately temperatures are going to drop below freezing later this week so I still can't more my seedlings outdoors. The way this spring is going we're going to have a growing season of 14 minutes.

That's about it for today***.

*Also, estimation bees are not real. So that's two reasons. And I originally said one. Oh estimation! Why must you mock me?

**By "we" I mean "I put on my gardening gloves and stood nearby as Jesse did all the hard work and was nearly crushed under a one ton railroad tie. Then I came inside and looked at $200 composters online.".

***Except I wanted to tell you that today Jesse told Elle "Go have Mommy do your hair because I suck at it." and Elle came to me and said "Mama, can you suck at my hair?" and then Jesse and I laughed and laughed and that made Elle cry so I cheered her up by letting her help me make chicken stock.

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Stimey said...

Measure twice, cut once, stand around and laugh 68 times.

Beany said...

Well it's a good thing I wasn't there when Elle asked you to suck at her hair because my laughing would not have helped at all. And Emma can totally relate to Dad's sucking at doing their daughter's hair. She's got photographic proof.

Emily said...

And by photographic proof we are talking 4th grade class picture. That is a painful memory for an insecure pre-teen.