Monday, April 20, 2009

The Birthday List

When I turned 29 I posted a list of 29 things random things about myself. I thought about doing the same thing for today for my 32nd birthday but then I realized I couldn't come up with 32 more things to tell you that you don't already know. So instead, here's my updated list. The old things are in black, the new things are in red. It's probably a little self indulgent to post a list about yourself on your birthday but it's my birthday so you have to deal with it. I'll consider it your gift to me.

1- I still have 2 baby teeth in my mouth. I don't' have any permanent teeth to replace them.
2- I'm allergic to the skin on apples. Also almonds. They make the roof of my mouth itch and my tongue feel numb.
3- I have never, in my entire life, purchased a tomato, an olive or a mushroom.
4- I close as I can remember I have moved about 15 times in my life. Make that 16.
5- I've had surgery to correct a lazy eye.
6- I almost always remember my dreams.
7- The only video games I have ever beaten are Theme Hospital and Kingdom Hearts. And Kingdom Hearts II.
8- The person I would most like to meet in the whole world is the Dalai Lama.
9- My favorite poem is "Annabelle Lee" by Poe.
10- My secret guilty pleasure is watching Starting Over. That's not even on anymore. Now my secret guilty pleasure is porn VH-1 reality tv.
11- I like to take two Double Stuffed Oreos, take one part of the cookie off each and then stick them together to make quadruple stuffed Oreos.
12- My secret wish and ambition is to own a dog sled team and compete in the Alaskan Iditarod. (That's right, I hate the cold and physical activity of almost all kinds and I want to compete in the most challenging sled dog race ever.)
13- I'm still afraid of things hiding under my bed so when I go to bed I try to get in from as far away as possible so that nothing can reach out and grab my ankles.
14- Whenever I go to see a movie I forget what I'm there to see during the previews.
15- I used to have a huge paper doll collection and I sold it at a garage sale (probably for $1). I would kill to have those paper dolls back.
16- I often imagine what it would be like to shave my head.
17- Although I've never been stung I am terrified of bees.
18- I don't own a pair of winter boots.
19- I have a hard time sleeping without socks on, even in the summer.
20- I would like to have 4 more children. All boys. Oh my god! What was I thinking? Four more? I most days I can't even handle the ones I have. Two is plenty thank you very much.
21- I think Paris Hilton and Bratz dolls are destroying little girls in America. I don't blame Paris anymore. Now I blame Sean Hannity.
22- I hate romantic comedies (not including Love Actually).
23- When I was a kid and I had to clean my room I would pretend that I was a maid cleaning the room of a rich kid. I would talk to myself in a British accent. I still do this.
24- I always drive the speed limit.
25- I believe in ghosts.
26- I think hot chocolate is gross unless it has peppermint schnapps in it.
27- If I could only eat one food for the next year it would be my mom's fettuccine. (Of course I would weigh about 400 pounds at the end of the first year....)
28- Tom Hanks is my favorite actor and Kate Winslet is my favorite actress.
29- If I could have any job in the whole world I would like to be an Imagineer. Or maybe a lactation consultant.
30- I make my own wine. Sort of. I have bought the stuff needed to make my own wine.
31- As a kid the toy I wanted more than anything was the Playmobil Victorian Mansion. I covet it still. I will probably buy it someday.
32- I have been the captain of a Relay for Life team twice.

One year ago today it was my birthday and I wrote a list that sort of depresses me now.
Two years ago today it was my birthday.
Three years ago today it was my birthday and I posted the original list without spell checking it.
Four years ago today (huge surprise) it was my birthday.


shannon said...

I'm surprised how many of them are the same for me: 5, 13, 14, 15 (Except I still own my paper dolls - saving them for my daughter), 17, 18, 28 (Love T.H. and K.W. is pretty good too), 29 (for the lactation consultant thing). (

Queen of the Misfits said...

Happy birthday! Hope you have a good one!

Sarah said...

Happy Birthday. It's my birthday also, im am 32 too.

Emily said...

I also HAVE to sleep with socks on, you wouldn't be nearly as afraid if you got stung by one-- that's what happened to me, and:

3- I have never, in my entire life, purchased a tomato, an olive or a mushroom.

That's terrible! Buy a damn tomato!

Oh and happy birthday. (=

Jen said...

Happy Birthday!!! *smooshy hug*

Ethan, Zach, and Emma's Mom said...

I agree with Emily. Go buy yourself a tomato, and call it your birthday present.
Happy Birthday!

Becky said...

I totally forgot about Starting Over! What a horrible horrible show. Happy Birthday! =)

Magpie said...

Happy birthday!

I once made a countlessly stuffed Oreo for my husband, because I only like the cookies.

Sylvia Kleindinst said...

Hi, I am a paper doll collector and artist. It is possible to locate paper dolls you once owned at EBAY or a big auction coming up the end of May through Morphy's in Denver,PA.
We have paper doll conventions every year in a different city. this year it will be in Las Vegas the end of Sept. You can find a number of PD artists online. Might start with
Best, Sylvia K.

Beany said...

But do you remember the Bride & Groom paper dolls I bought you? They were awesome. (& Becky & Emma still have their old paper dolls at my house.) You guys should make a play date. And Happy Birthday.

Anonymous said...

happy late birthday

Kristin W said...

Happy (late) birthday! Hope it was a great one! April is a lovely time to get born.

Stimey said...

Happy Birthday!!! I hope you had a great day!

I am astounded by several of the things on your list. But, um, you've never purchased a tomato? Is it that you hate tomatoes or that you have some sort of tomato sugar daddy keeping you supplied?