Tuesday, April 25, 2006

What a pain

Elle has an ear infection. Awwwwww, baby's first infection. She's such a trooper. The only clue she gave that she was in pain was that on Sunday night she tried to claw the left side of her face off. Otherwise she acted like nothing was wrong. She was pretty much her same sunny self.

Yesterday Joseph got off the bus with a concerned look on his face. When I asked him what was wrong he said "Today was just not my day! First, my tape was coming off and I wanted to take it off all the way but my teacher said it was still on enough. Then, my school friend Hunter said I was cheating in line and all I was doing was walking by! I'm just saying that today was not my day."

Once again, oh the drama of it all. (Hello to Canadian Jen, lover of overly-dramatic children and Starting Over. Not that anyone really loves Starting Over because it's a terrible show and someday I'll get into that more.)

Jesse is slowly recovering from his massive eyeball injury. He has plans to stop being a great big baby about the whole thing very soon now. As a side note, I used to keep another blog and that one had a pretty good sized readership. I used to write all kinds of stuff about Jesse and that stuff was always the stuff people responded to the most. If I went to long without writing about him people would write comments begging me to tell another story about the amazing man-boy. (Don't goggle it, the diary has been long deleted and the results you get will only disturb you.) Anyway, the stories were greatly exaggerated for comic effect and people always seemed to like them. I miss that about this blog. It's fun to have a forum to "talk" to people but I miss the ability to tell a silly semi-true story without worrying about offending or hurting someone. Maybe I need to start another blog so I can talk crap about all the people I know. Maybe not. I have a hard enough time making myself update this one sometimes.

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Ben said...

Wanna start a group blog where we can get together and bitch about our significant others?

I don't. I like my testicles where they are, thank you.