Sunday, April 09, 2006

Overall, pretty good

All things considered we had a pretty good weekend. Saturday was Amanda's wedding shower and that went well. I think people had fun and Amanda got some really good gifts. The food turned out well and people seemed to like the stuff I made. Who knew lavander cupcakes would be so good?

Before the shower I went with Amanda when she went for her wedding hair-do trial run. It was lots of fun and she looked so pretty. She got me a early birthday present, an italian charm bracelet. I love it! It has a charm with Joseph's birthstone, one with Elle's birthsone, one with the stone from the month Jesse and I were married, our initials, one with a butterfly and one that says "I love chocolate". How cute is that?

Today we went to the mall and I lost about 20 pounds when I got about 10 inches of hair cut off. I also lost another pound when I had my wooly eyebrows waxed. I look so girly. It's kind of nice.

Elle sat on her own for about 20 seconds today. Yikes! She's getting so big. I miss my little baby who was happy just laying on my chest and sleeping all day. Oh well. I bought her a pretty dress for Easter/upcoming weddings. I love having a little girl to spoil.

Now I'm going to go watch the Sopranos and eat leftover shower fudge. Life is sweet.


Ben said...

'Shower Fudge' sounds like something Homer would say.
"Mmmmmm...shower fudge..."

Ben said...

Hey does Jesse know about Baseball Thingy? His input would be valued. You too, if that kind of thing interests you.