Monday, April 17, 2006

I wish I was a baby

What made Elle laugh yesterday? When I said "Uh-oh" after I spilled some paint. What made Elle laugh this morning? When She pulled my hair and I said "No no Elle, don't pull my hair." What made Elle laugh this afternoon? When she pulled a blaknet over her head and I peeked under it to look at her? What will make Elle laugh tonight? Jesse stubbing his toe? Me dropping the remote comtrol? A piece of dust floating by? Sometimes I wish I could be a baby and be so easily amused.

Plus, I could wear cute little sundressed and when people remarked about how fat my thights were it would be a good thing. People love babies in fat thigh revealing sundresses. If you're a fat thighed baby in a sundress people smile and coo at you and try to feed you ice cream. If you're a fat thighed woman my age in a sundress people just point and laugh.


Ben said...

Yes it would be AFFunC to be a baby. I wouldnt have AnyFFCthing to do all day. Nothing to AFFCare about. That would be AFFCing awesome thing.


Ben said...

Do you care if I post my spoiler laden review then?