Saturday, April 15, 2006

It's been a day

You know the kind of day where your 6 month old poops so much that it comes out the top of her diaper and as you're trying to take her shirt off she wiggles around and the poop ends up in her hair? Then she grabs your hair and she has poop on her hands so then you have poop in your hair too? Then as you're cleaning her off she poops even more? Then, when you think she's all clean you realize she has poop in her ear?

How about one of those days where after the poop fiasco your 5 year old sits on the porch and dumps an entire new bottle of bubbles all over himself? Then, as you strip him down to his underwear every person in town walks by and he keeps screaming "I'm a bad person!"? Then, you go to put the bubble soaked clothes with the dirty laundry and you hear your kid on the porch singing only when you get closer you realize that he's not singing, that he's really standing on the porch in his underwear yelling "penis" as loud as he can over and over?

You know those kind of days? You ever have one? Someone please tell me that they've had this kind of day before. Please.


Anonymous said...

I remember playing with bubbles once when I was very young. The rest of your day? I don't think so.

Ben said...

No, never.