Thursday, April 27, 2006

Why am I still up?

Today I was feeding Elle and trying to eat lunch at the same time. I was also trying to get Joseph to get ready for school. I would give Elle a bite, take a bite, tell Joseph for the 8 millionth time to go potty, give her a bite, take a bite, tell Joseph for the 8 millionth and first time to go potty and so on. At one point I got mixed up and I stuck a spoonful of Elle's sweet potatoes in my mouth. Gag. How do babies eat that stuff? She likes it though. She shrieked with delight in between each bite I gave her. Wouldn't it be funny if everyone ate like that? If we were eating something we really liked we would just scream out loud? Awesome.

A few days ago we got a wedding invitation in the mail. I had no idea who the people getting married were and Jesse said it was someone in his family but he's not 100% sure who she is or how she's related to him. Then yesterday I get in invitation to her shower. Um. Yeah. I've never even met this person. At the bottom of the invite it says "Cash gifts are also accepted". A little tacky, no? I don't think I'm gonna make the hour+ drive to sit in a room full of people I don't know so that I can give someone I've never met a cash gift. Maybe I'm just being bitchy but I thought that was weird.

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Gwen Mendyk said...

Yeah I would have to vote tacky on that one.