Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Big changes for little Joseph

Big changes are coming Joseph's way. In June we're going to cut his PT back to one half hour session a week. OT is going to go to once a week too but it's going to become an hour long. For 12 weeks he's going to do this new food therapy program during that hour long session. If he does well in that then he might go into group food therapy. Then, since he will have already gone through the 12 week course he'll get to be kind of the "leader" of the group. His OT's told me they picked Joseph out for this new therapy especailly because of how he thrives in the leader role.

Joseph is going to be the first kid they try this new program out on. Well, not the first kid ever, but the first kid they've ever worked with. The program was developed 30 years ago and for the last 15 there has been a clinic devoted to food issues that only uses this program and has had a lot of succes. I'm excited about it. Joseph's food issues have gotten a lot better but there's still a long way to go so I hope this will help. My hope is that by the end of summer he'll be more prepared to go to school and sit in the school cafeteria and actually eat what's being served. (Isn't it funny the goals we set for him sometimes? With God as my witness, he will eat mini corndogs and smilie fries!)

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