Thursday, May 18, 2006

Joseph's Special Day

Joseph is so excited about the wedding coming up this weekend. He's been talking about his "special day" for the past week. He's convinced everyone is going to be there to see him carry the rings. He's so funny. Out of nowhere he'll say something to me like "Mommy, did you know bearer is just a fancy word for person who carries the ring?"

He and Jesse went and got his outfit for the wedding last night and Joseph was so excited about it that he wanted to wear it home. He's so cute.

I'm having trouble typing because I had fake nails put on a couple days ago. I went to the local beauty school to have my nails done and to have a pedicure. The whole thing took 4 flipping hours. About 3 of that was my nails. To be honest she did a pretty crappy job too. They're really lumpy and bumpy. I was all excited because the woman who did them told me she was graduating on Friday so I thought she would be good but she ..... wasn't. So now I'm debating. Do I go back again and have them redone? Do I go somewhere else and have redone? Do I go back and have them taken off? Do I wait a couple of weeks and have them redone when I have them filled? Do I get annoyed and weepy when I think about the fact that one of my few attmepts in the last several years to do something girly ended up with me having lumpy, bumpy nails?

On the bright side Amanda came with me to watch Elle while I was worked on and we had a really nice time chatting and gossiping. Afterwards we went shopping. It was funny to spend my day getting pampered (sort of) and then shopping (all I bought were diapers). I felt like such a girly girl. The day was fun overall so I shouldn't complain.

What I will complain about is the sucky way that two reality shows I watch went last night. I can't believe the fricken hippies won the Amazing race. They annoyed me to the end and sometime I actually found myself rooting for Eric and Jeremy over them. Eric and Jeremy! What does that tell you?

Then, the Top Chef incident. Don't even get me started on that. To get rid of Dave over Tiffany was crap. The only did that so in the final episode good (Harold) can triumph over evil (Tiffany). I predict that at one point Harold will whine about how this is not how he's used to cooking and then later he will say "I'm a chef man, that's what I do". I predict Tiffany will never lose her perpetual bitch face. Tune in to find out if I'm right!


Anonymous said...

Hey, it was either Tiffany's bitch face, or Dave's bitch face.
You potty mouth.

Ben said...

Tiffany will win if she can harness the power of the One Ring.

"My precious....shallots..."