Monday, May 08, 2006

Bye bye

Elle can wave! Sort of! Ok, if you wave to her she moves her little hand around in what seems to be an attempt to wave back. Whatever it is, it's very cute.

Joseph is still sleeping in his toddler bed. It looks like a fire truck and it uses a crib matress. Even though we've been pushing the idea of a big boy bed for a while he's pretty attached to the fire truck bed. Once in a while he says he might like to get a new one but he wants it to be one that's shaped like a spaceship or a car or the Tomorrowland Transit Authority. We've tried telling him that they don't really sell bigboy beds in the shape of things but he's got big plans anyway. Tonight he told Jesse "When I go to heaven and then come back again and I'm this same age I'm going to pick out a boat bed next time."

Crazy kid. For now we'll just keep the toddler bed and keep talking up the big boy bed.

Sunday I did more yard work (voluntarily) than I have probably done in the last 10 years combined. I was happy to do it because it was an early Mother's Day present for my grandma but I have got to tell you this: Yardwork blows. I don't get the appeal of gardens and flower beds spending hour after hour weeding and digging in the dirt. As long as my yard is mowed and relativly free of trash I'm happy. We have some flowers in our yard but they're the kind that require no attention at all. Anything beyond weeding once a year I just can't get into.

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