Saturday, May 27, 2006

Joseph trivia

More kid trivia to amuse myself with:

1. What is Joseph's favorite food?
2. What is Joseph's favorite toy?
3. Who is Joseph's favorite person?
4. Who is Joseph's best friend at school?
5. Where does Joseph want to live when he grows up?

The answers for Elle Belly's are:
1. Peas and cheese
2. Bun Bun, a little pink bunny
3. Me
4. 11:30 PM (Mom, I expected you to get this, you were there!)
5. Amanda and Bill aand Pam's son Joe. We call him Big Joe around these parts. (Ben, the reason we didn't make you either of the kid's godparents is because you're already their only uncle. You have a built in title already.)

1 comment:

Mom or Dad said...

1. pepperoni or grilled cheese sandwich

2. Tech Dudes

3. He's so diplomatic, he wouldn't pick a favorite.

4. Brooks

5. Texas

On Elle-Sometime after 11:00 should count for a point. That's pretty close.