Monday, May 22, 2006

Wedding weekend

Ok, I'm just going to say it: Joseph was the cutest ring bearer that has ever been and ever will be. We sat in the second row so that if he needed to sit down during the ceremony he would be able to find us right away. When he first started walking down the isle I couldn't even see him, I just heard all these murmers and chuckles. Then I saw him walking slowly, slowly down the isle. He was holding his little ring pillow so carefuly and turning towards each person who wanted to take a picture of him. When he got to the front he went right to his assigned place and loudly announed "A lot of people want to take my picture today!" He was so good during the ceremony and stood nicely and (mostly) quietly the whole time. At one point he decided that not everyone would be able to hear what was being said so he tried to do some sign language but otherwise he just stood there smiling. What a doll.

The wedding itself was lovely. Amanda was beautiful, the food was good, the reception was fun and a good time was had by all. It was a really nice day. Oh, and Ben did his Lola dance which I think is one of the 10 things every person should see in their life. As Matt said, no wedding is complete without it.

Oh, funny story. At the rehersal dinner Joseph got it into his head that he wanted to marry Amanda so he tried a few tactics to get her interested. He offered to wrestle Matt but when that didn't work he moved on to trickier tactics. He tried telling Amanda that I told him that Matt told me that he didn't want to marry her anymore. I'm shocked she didn't fall for that. After a while he gave up and set his sights on Amanda's little brother. They played Playmobil together for a while and at one point Joseph looked at him and said "You're cute. I love you. I knew from the first time I saw you that I liked you." Oh my god. I was just crying from laughing so hard. I wonder what this poor 16 year old kid thought about a goofy 5 year old professing his love for him over dinner at Mexican Village?

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Ben said...

I think we need a new family tradition for weddings.