Friday, May 12, 2006

Open house

We went to Joseph's new school's "open house" last night. I put "open house" on quotes because that's not really what it was. "Open house" implys that you can just come and go whenever and not miss anything. "Open house" does not make you think that if you get there 15 minutes after it's scheduled start time that you are going to miss the entire question and answer period. Not that that happened to us. Or that I'm bitter. At all.

Anyway! The school looks really nice. The rooms are big and bright and well equipped. The building itself is really nice too. Joseph can't wait to try out the new playground, it looks pretty fun. We got to meet a few of the teachers and the ones that we talked to seemed nice. One of the teachers was a fairly young guy and you could tell just by looking at his room decor that he's really into hunting and fishing. His reading area had a bunch of books about football. Joseph wants him to be his teacher. (It probably says something not so great about me that one of my first thought was "Why would this young guy want to be around kids this young?") He seemed very nice though so we'll see what happens.

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