Tuesday, May 30, 2006

A good lesson

Yesterday Joseph spent the day with my parents and they took him to the park. When he got home we were chatting about his day and all of the sudden he blurted out "Ipoopedmypantsattheparktoday!" We talked to him a little bit to find out the story (he was playing hide and seek and didn't want to stop to go to the bathroom) and talked to him about why he can't be doing that kind of thing. Then he had this to say:

Joseph: Well, at least I learned a valuable lesson.
Me: What was that?
Joseph: Never poop on the playground!

Ah yes. That's a life lesson for you right there.

Joseph's down to his last 3 days of school now. I admit that I'm a little daunted by the prospect of having both kids at home full time for 3 months. I'm sure we'll be fine but it could be interesting for the first couple of weeks.

Joseph's answers are:
1. Pepperoni pizza
2. Tech Dudes
3. Grandma (I just asked him and that's what he said)
4. Brooks
5. New York in a tall building


Ben said...

Hey it took me 26 years to learn that lesson.

Incidentally, my court date is next week.

Ben said...

Were you talking about Powermonger?