Friday, April 21, 2006

100% true story

When Jesse was putting Joseph to bed tonight I asked him if he could take Elle with him as he read bedtime stories. That way they could both be read to and I could have a few minutes of freedom from my whiny and snotty kids. (Not that they're always whiny and snotty, it's just that they have colds right now.) He told me he couldn't because he didn't feel good because this morning as he was walking out to the car the strap on his man-purse broke and it hit him in the eye.

Totally true. I swear it.


Mom or Dad said...

And you wonder where Joseph comes up with his wild stories?


Anonymous said...

In My defense, the man purse comment came from a co-worker that morning (friend of mine who was hired in the past 5 weeks) when I shared my story at work. I was carrying my bag that I have had for years (it's what I bring my work stuff home in) and just before I got to the car, the metal buckle broke and the strap flung up and hit my eyeball.....good thing the kids at the bus stop had just got on the bus and the bus had pulled away cuz there were a few choice words that the neighbors probably heard. - Jesse

Jen said...

Ah, I see now. The strap didn't just break and hit him in the eye. It "flung up" and hit him in the "eyeball". It totally makes sense now that he was too sick to read to both the kids but not to sick to attend happy hour with his co-workers after work. Not that I'm bitter!

Ben said...

Theres nothing funny about being hit in the eyeball with a metal buckle. Usually a good laydown will solve it.

P.S. Jesse, I implore you to offer your input to the dreaded Baseball Thingy.

Jesse's Mom said...

Jesse..... no one seems to be offering you any, I will. Did you scrape your eyeball?? I did that once with a piece of card board and it is very, very painful. As your Mom, I am giving you a great big will be okay. Love you, Mom